Dr. Oz’s Strong Take On Garcinia Cambogia’s Weight Loss Effects: Real Or Scam?

Garcinia Cambogia’s Weight Loss Effects1“Is it fact or fiction? Real or Scam?” These questions have flooded the social media scene from Twitter to Facebook to online forums. With all the hype about natural weight loss treatments, people have come wondering about a newly discovered exotic fruit extract. Garcinia Cambogia which was first seen in the “Dr. Oz Show” where Dr. Mehmet Oz referred to this as the “holy Grail” of all weight loss treatments. Dr. Oz claimed that there is no need for any diet or exercise while taking on this new treatment. This fruit extract, also known as Gambooge, is derived from the continents of Asia and Africa.

But why has he come to this conclusion when, according to specialists, there have been no proven studies about this fruit. Although in 2005, male rate species used as subjects showed signs of weight loss and testicular atrophy. Several medical websites like WEBMD have attested to the fact that it might “prevent fat storage and control appetite”. However, these processes and results are not enough to prove a product is an effective weight loss treatment. It does not directly correlate to weight loss in humans even if used in animals.

People have constantly been warned about these types of products and its effects on humans. Experts still encourage natural weight loss remedies like exercise and proper diet. It is easier to spend money on the latest training shoes rather than risking results in unproven treatments.

Garcinia Cambogia’s Weight Loss EffectsPeople who have used the product did not notice any significant changes in their weight. Twitter site has been flooded with comments and testimonials about Garcinia Gambogia. One twitter follower sent in a comment saying that no results were seen even after using the product for two weeks. This seriously puts Dr. Oz’s recommendation in question and the products reputation. One twitter follower directly discouraged its use. Instead, suggested on following the natural ways to lose weight which poses no harmful side effects to humans.

In the end, products will still be evaluated according to its effects. Even if this product has used the most powerful marketing techniques with persuasive words, people are smarter these days, they still go for well researched products that are proven effective.